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Chapter Twenty-Three

Executive individual coaching would not be complete without a word about the tremendous gift of reading. Successful men and women around the world tout the benefits of being an avid reader in their field of expertise.

One of the greatest benefits of reading is self-discovery.

Are we ambitious to associate with people who inspire us to more noble deeds? Let us then read uplifting books, which stir us to make the most of ourselves.

We all know how completely changed we sometimes are after reading a gripping book which has taken a strong, vigorous hold upon us. Executive individual coaching experts encourage us to read with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and wisdom.

"There is wealth and knowledge within the reach of the poorest laborer; wealth that is made up of a fully aware, engaged and cultured mind."

Millions of people have found themselves through the reading of some influential book, which has opened a door and given them the first glimpse of new possibilities.

If the youth of today learn to feed on the thoughts of the great men and women of all times, they will never again be satisfied with the common or low; they will never again be satisfied with mediocrity; they instead, will aspire to something higher and nobler in an effort to join the ranks of the great ones they refer to as “mentor”.

The great ideas needed to be taught more in our schools consist of truth, simple ethics, the distinction between right and wrong. We must stress to our youth the honor and value of noble deeds and self-sacrifice.

Each day we breathe is a single page in the book of life. Do not waste any day any more than you would tear out chapters of a great novel.

"Inspirational, character-making, life-shaping books are a goldmine for any man or woman looking to grow and become more complete."
- Unknown

The readers who do not yet know the teachings of Emerson, Tennyson, Marden, Hill, and other noted self-aware masters, have yet to enjoy the great pleasures of reading.

Knowledge of all kinds is placed before us in a most attractive and interesting manner through books. The absolute best volumes ever written are available to most anyone who has the good sense to seek them out. Only a century ago these precious volumes might only be available to the rich.

What a shame it is that with libraries in every town, any American youth should grow up ignorant, should be allowed to be uneducated in the middle of such marvelous opportunity for self-improvement and personal development.

Good books elevate ones character and lift us up onto a higher plan of thinking and living. It seems almost a miracle that the poorest boy or girl can converse freely with the greatest philosophers, statesmen, warriors, poets and authors of all time with little expense.

"There are single books that have raised the ideals and materially influenced entire nations."
- Marden

Carlyle said that a collection of books is a personal university. What a pity that so many energetic and ambitious persons who lost out on the advantage of a formal education, are losing out again by not recognizing the value in self-teaching, which amounts to executive individual coaching of one's self.

Of the things that man can do, by far the most momentous, wonderful and worthy, are the things we call 'reading books'!

"It is truly amazing when you think about it, what some books have done for the world, and what they continue to do."

Think about how books keep up our hope, awaken new courage and faith, soothe pain, provides a new vision of life to those whose upbringing was hard and cold. Just think how books bind together distant ages and foreign lands and share with us new worlds of beauty and opportunity.

You are encouraged to seek out all kinds of books that provide insight to yourself and the world around you, say executive individual coaching experts.

Choose with a clear purpose those books that may encourage you and stimulate your ambition. Let each book serve as a stepping stone to higher ideals and a nobler purpose in life. Read and live up to your full potential!

Executive Individual Coaching Activities

  1. Describe the content of the typical book you read. Is it a romance novel, or biography? Does it lead you to thoughts of suffering or strengthen your resolve to achieve more? List out the titles of the last 5 books you read and estimate the value each one has on your personal growth and development?

  2. Explain what one would see if they were to walk into your home or office and inventory the various sorts of books or magazines on hand? What is your library made up of? How closely does it reflect the self-improvement library that is currently stored in your brain? Are you satisfied with your quality of reading and how it contributes to your advancement and do you feel your time spent reading serves you well?

  3. Given what you know now from the above executive individual coaching information, how might you respond differently the next time you are facing a potential failure?

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