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Chapter 25

Effective personal growth programs should always include a chapter on the importance of one's physical health, and this course is no exception. The first requisite to success is to become a first-class specimen of good human health.

Too often we take our good health for granted. However, without good health your ability to do great things is greatly diminished. So, make it a high priority to maintain good physical health. 


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Too quickly we tend to exhaust ourselves in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We hurry to this and to that with not a minute to spare. Hurry is forever stamped in the wrinkles of our face.

When we dismiss the needs of our body; when we fail to eat a well-balance meal; when exercise is considered a luxury versus a necessity of life - our body will eventually cry out for attention in the form of ill-health and disease.

Pain is the great monitor of our lives, ever reminding us of approaching danger. We are well advised to listen when it comes calling. For example, if the body is weakened from alcohol, nature will leave her red flag of distress upon the body in the form of a red nose, sagging eyes and a large belly. 

Nature is a great economist. She makes the most of every opportunity. After you are diminished from a life of poor choices, she leaves your wreck upon the rocks for all to see. Nature will, in effect, hoist her signal of danger high in the air in an attempt to warn others why it's not wise to follow in the same path.

Though your life is diminished by bad choices and ugly habits, nature can still afford to keep you around for a time as a lesson to warn others who may attempt to follow in your footsteps. But you can avoid being the sad example of how not to live a life. Using personal growth programs, you can make significant positive change and become an example of turning life around for the better.  

"Good health is the path to a long and happy life. Leverage personal growth programs that support an active and healthy lifestyle."

The laws of good health are fair and just. Nature compels us to recognize and follow her laws.

We are given nerves to warn us of danger. Extreme heat would burn the skin if we were not instantly warned to remove our hand from the hot object. Gazing at the sun would destroy our sight, were it not for the sensitiveness of the nerves, which demands we close our eyelids.

When asked of his success, Humboldt said, “It is abstaining from alcohol which sustains the body for the longest period of time, and which most surely preserves it free from sickness.”

No well-thinking employer will keep in his office a drunkard or gambler. Men with these vices bring nothing good to their work or to the workplace. The very instinct of self-preservation should keep a man from ever entering the saloons or casinos.

“My recipe for self-preservation is exercise,” said David Dudley Field. “I am a very reasonable man and have always been so. I have taken care of myself, and as I have a strong work ethic I suppose that is the reason I am so healthy.”

Exercise is indeed a great life-preserver.

“Man cannot conquer nature, but the best way to partner with nature is to learn and obey her laws.” 

When the pores of the body are kept open by regular exercise, the pores of the imagination are apt to be open to creative ideas. It is amazing how healthy views on life depend on regular exercise and physical management of the body and mind.

Although we cannot defy death, it is now well known that we can greatly delay it by carefully observing the laws of health, especially in regard to diet and exercise.

Each of us was given one mind and one body.  Make sure you use the former to take care of the latter. 

"Don’t let your heart grow cold, and you shall carry youth with you into the teens of your second century."

- William Gladstone

Personal Growth Programs & Activities

Complete the following exercises...

  1. Describe how you feel about your current state of health. Are you overweight? Do you indulge in alcohol or other unhealthy habits? How often do you exercise? Do you eat in regular portions? Explain what good health means to you.

  2. Explain how your current eating and exercise habits impact the quality of your life. For good or bad, are these things adding value to your life or are they stealing month and years off of your life? Are you satisfied with your current state of health and do you feel it serves you well? 

  3. What will you do differently in order to gain healthier results in the future? Identify what you are willing to sacrifice in order to create positive change in this area of your life. What personal growth programs might you adopt to improve your health?

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