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Mission Statement Definition / What's The Mission?


Mission statement definition tools are currently available at no cost. Let's walk through why the mission statement is so important to the future of your business.

"Those who have clarity about what they want, often get it.”

If you don’t set your goals based upon a clearly defined mission statement, you may find yourself following a path that doesn't take you where you thought your were going.

"The mission statement can be as short as a few words, or as long as a few sentences."

The point of the mission statement is to make clear to the world what your organization is about. It clearly defines who you are and what you stand for.

When a prospective employee is considering taking a position at your company, the mission statement should help that individual to make their decision. If a customer is entertaining doing business at your establishment, the mission statement may assist in their decision-making process.

Ideally, the mission statement should be created by the entire team. Through focus group discussions, employees will add great value to the mission statement process. Only through a collaborative team effort, can the mission statement become the battle-cry of your organization. Make sure employees feel they had a large part in the creation of the company’s mission for maxium buy-in.

The biggest mistake made by organizations is that they spend a lot of time and resources in order to create a meaningful mission statement, then once completed the mission statement is never again discussed.

Be sure to keep the mission statement at the heart of your organization. Revert back to the mission regularly during meetings. Post the mission statement on your internal documents and consider adding signage to support the mission of the business in offices and common areas.

In order to assist you in creating a powerful and effective mission statement, check out the following free mission statement definition tool.

Company Mission Statement Tool

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Business Lesson Plan #2 / FOCUS = Persistent Thought

"A single book has often aroused a dormant ambition."
- Dr. Orison Marden

What we allow our minds to focus on has a great deal to do with the level of business success that we achieve. We have the ability to control a great deal of what comes into our minds by becoming an avid reader.

A wise man once said, “If I might control the literature of the household, I would guarantee the well-being of the state and the nation.”

It is impossible to estimate the value that the influence from books, magazines and audio tapes can have on our ability to focus and create a strong mission statement definition.

If you were to take a sheet of paper and list on one side all of the negative and unhelpful messages you’ve received through advertisements alone; then on the opposite side of the page you listed all of the quality books and assorted literature you’ve indulged in – how would the two lists compare?

"Great businesses are created by effective leaders who identifed a clearly stated mission."

If the list of bad easily outweighs the good, then this is definitely an area you must tackle. We must be in control of what we allow to come inside our head. If we do not control the messages we receive then we leave ourselves open to all sorts of negative impulses and bad habits.

How many people are bankrupt today simply because they were influenced to buy anything and everything on credit? How many addicts are created each year due to the heavy promotion of over-the-counter drugs?

The messages we receive do have an influence on us. Our mind and body can be either positively or negatively impacted based on the messages we allow in.

Too many people do not actively manage these messages. There is no system of gatekeeping that is in place to protect and guide us as we are constantly deluged with product and service endorsements.

You must be an effective gatekeeper.

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"When you discover your true mission, you will feel its power. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it."

- W. Clement Stone

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