Building Effective Team Spirit

Discover Why Energy and Enthusiasm Outweigh Experience

Leaders focused on building effective team spirit understand the importance that energy and enthusiam has on the success of the business.

As a leader, you receive all the glory when things go well, and rightly so you will receive all the blame when results are lacking.

Great leaders know the value of the F.E.E. approach for creating and maintaining a team that is highly engaged.

F.E.E., simply stands for Fun, Energy and Enthusiasm.

Leaders, when building effective teams, should point out that FUN is what happens when the team has worked very hard, worked effectively as a team, and by working together has realized the results that were needed in order to achieve the stated goal.

In short, FUN - is experiencing victory, due to hard work leveraged by teamwork.

Building effective team spirit requires leaders to be excited, and even passionate, about what they do on a daily basis.

If the leader is energetic and enthusiastic then the team will also want to be a part of that excitement.

Successful leaders recognize the immense value of energy and enthusiasm. When building effective team spirit, take a quick look at each employee and rate them on a scale of 1-5 for their level of energy and enthusiasm. Conduct the same rating for each employee's level of experience.

If you have two people you are considering for the same role; one highly experienced but lacking in energy and enthusiasm; the other less experienced but uniquely driven - choose the one who possesses the most energy and enthusiasm.

On balance, energy and enthusiasm outweighs experience, provided the person also possesses the aptitude to overcome their learning curve fairly quickly.

An experienced employee who is not energetic or enthusiastic is less likely to acquire the essential "team building" and "leadership" qualities necessary for long-term success.

Leverage the F.E.E. approach for building effective team spirit. Take time to encourage fun in the workplace and make sure you have the right people in the right positions.

Time after time, it is the little things that will keep your employees coming in early and staying late and loving every minute of it.

Commit now to having fun while building your best sales team ever.

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