Motivation In The Workplace

Why Motivation Is Not The Job Of The Leader!

Regarding motivation in the workplace, countless managers are heard asking the question - "How do I keep my staff motivated?"

While the above question may not surprise you, our answer to the question just might change your entire outlook on the subject of motivating your team.

Motivation of employees is not really the responsibility of the manager.

In fact, those who are more directly responsible for a highly motivated workplace are the employees themselves.

What? How can we say this, you ask?

Ask yourself why anyone should be solely accountable for motivating others who are formally educated, able-bodied adults? Shouldn't an employee be "self-motivated" if they expect a paycheck from you?


The trick to ensuring motivation in the workplace is to make sure that during the hiring process you acquire self-motivated people.

Impossible you wonder? - not at all. Remember, nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished with ease, but you do need to follow some specific steps in order to accomplish this vision.

So the monkey is finally off your back. No longer are you accountable for motivation in the workplace, right? WRONG!

While managers are not personally responsible for motivating employees, they are very much accountable for ensuring a workplace atmosphere that is clean, safe and supportive.

The workplace must provide an environment that not only supports employees, but also inspires self-motivated team members to increase their skill-set - to further develop and grow professionally.

As the leader of your team, you must assess the level of motivation in the workplace, and the individual motivation of every employee. Do you feel that you have team members who are all contributing their fair share?

Perhaps an employee is the type to "lean back" in their chair rather than "lean in" and get engaged in what is going on in the organization? Remind employees who lack self-motivation that you are here to support them and to provide them with every opportunity to contribute and experience success.

However, it's up to each employee to show up every morning proactively seeking out opportunities to increase the value of the organization

Effective motivation in the workplace is dependent upon the overall commitment of each team member. The concluding message to each team member must be to - Commit or Quit.

Most employees will rise to the challenge. For those who do not, be prepared to support them by helping them find happiness elsewhere. ;-)

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