Team Building Tip Sheet

Discover The Top Six Team Building Tips For Leadership Success!

Our team building tip sheet is for leaders looking to improve the level of teamwork and cooperation among their team members.

A primary challenge faced by leaders today is how best to maintain and improve teamwork within their team and the organization at large.

How does a leader ensure that his team members maintain a high degree of ownership, yet at the same time be willing to cooperate, share ideas and promote team success?

Team Building Tip Sheet

Each team building tip, six in all, provides great ideas to maximize the level of teamwork and cooperation with your team.

  1. Connect to Engage! - take time to develop rapport with each team member. Sharing a common connection, albeit strictly professional in most cases, is the first step toward developing a higher degree of trust.

    Trust is a must, when it comes to driving employee engagement.

  2. Lead The Way/Role Model- set the expectations clearly in the minds of your employees by showing them firsthand how to accomplish the task in front of them. Role modeling is a critical team building tip as it demonstrates to employees that you aren't asking anything of them that you are not willing or able to do yourself.

    You will build instant credibility through role modeling.

  3. Empower Your Team - allow team members to take educated risks. Any employee worth keeping is capable of managing some level of risk.

    Expect to be pleasantly surprised, and even impressed, by those who have been secretly waiting for their time to shine.

  4. Reward & Recognize - Seek out opportunities to praise. Catch people doing things right and publicly praise them for their efforts. Acknowledgement of a job well done is a powerful act of kindness and the sign of a thoughtful leader.

    Great leaders understand the immediate and long-term benefits of this powerful team building tip.

  5. Coach To Life-Balance - everyone struggles at times to balance the heavy demands of family life and work related responsibilities. Encouraging employees to take time to "refuel", tells them that you care about them as an individual.

    Coaching team members to balance life's demands with work responsibilities is an action that demonstrates a leader's maturity.

  6. Provide Significance - a basic human need is to feel significant. People must know that their work is appreciated and that their presence is valued. Everyone needs to know that their contribution matters.

    You have the power, and the obligation as a leader, to ensure your employees feel that their individual efforts are meaningful

As we conclude this list of team building best practices, remember that team building is nothing more and nothing less than taking the time to bring people together for a common purpose, and building quality connections among team members.

Team Building Tools & Resources

Our team building articles provide great team building ideas and teamwork games that a leader can leverage to ensure positive team moral and increased production. You can also Utilize our entire library of free leadership and team building tools to grow your business to new heights! Download our free team building tools for the purpose of leading your team to greater results and improved profitability.

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