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Ten Steps to Leadership Development
Step 5: Understand Personalities

The DISC personality test is a leadership tool that provides critical insight into the individual personality and behavioral tendencies of your employees and yourself.

The DISC personality assessment is another useful tool that effective leaders utilize to increase self-awareness. DISC helps us understand why we do what we do.

Even more importantly, DISC provides rational for why YOU do what you do, which in turn provides insight for what you should do to improve your individual results and enhance your career and your life.

It’s important to understand a person’s natural tendency to respond to different situations. The DISC personality test identifies natural behavioral tendencies. In other words, DISC sheds light on how we tend to operate and how we respond to various environmental challenges.

If the DISC behavioral assessment is new to you, perhaps you are familiar with the Myers-Briggs assessment? Myers-Briggs is another well-known behavioral assessment tool used for categorizing a person using a combination of 4 letters. Each letter represents a clearly defined and detailed description.

The problem with Myers-Briggs is that it is limited to only 16 personality types. In addition, the test is quite lengthy, consisting of over 100 questions. Just getting through the initial test is quite a challenge, and very costly.

In contrast, the DISC personality test consists of only 24 questions, but yields over 19,000 personalized responses – resulting in 384 separate behavioral descriptions.

DISC, by comparison to Myers-Briggs, provides a great alternative for a quality personality assessment.

The DISC personality test will assist you with improved communication in your personal and professional relationships. By understanding DISC personality profiles you will gain greater insight into those around you and how each person might react or respond in any given situation.

The insight you gain from DISC will be quite beneficial to you in your role as a leader. DISC is a key tool that can assist you in recommending certain people for particular duties, creating teams for projects, and even in making important promotion decisions.

To experience the benefits of the DISC personality test, we recommend the following site: www.DiscProfile.com

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