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Ten Steps to Leadership Development
Step Nine: Track Your Progress

Educational leadership journals are a great tool that is often overlooked by many aspiring leadership and small business owners. Begin staying on track with the stroke of a pen.

Educational leadership journals are a tool that leaders use to document their experience along their journey to self-growth and leadership development.

The practice of keeping a leadership journal serves several important purposes. Keeping a journal provides time for personal reflection – time to ponder key lessons learned, and the time to create and fine-tune a personal belief system.

Leaders who have created a habit of maintaining educational leadership journals enjoy going back year after year to remind themselves just how far they have come over the past few months and years.

Journals provide important historic lessons learned throughout one’s life. Past journal entries remind us of how much we’ve grown and how much we have achieved in a relatively short period of time, further encouraging us to continue to learn and grow.

Renowned leadership speaker and best selling author, Dr. John C. Maxwell often advocates the practice of keeping a leadership journal.

In fact, Dr. Maxwell refers to his journal as his leadership companion. He describes how he carries his companion with him at all times to ensure he doesn't miss jotting down any important kernals of knowledge that might help him in his leadership journey.

A journal/companion is a place where you can keep creative ideas, questions for future follow-up, personal/professional goals and commitments for future growth. There are no hard and fast rules to go by - how you use your leadership journal is up to you.

Maintaining an educational leadership journal is a practice where you get back from the process multi-fold what you put into it. One of the greatest benefits of making daily journal entries, however trivial – is that it provides a few moments for the author to simply think and reflect.

Leaders who keep a journal can go back and review their daily entries and quickly realize that those entries of years past, actually predicted their present day experience.

Educational leadership journals are very inexpensive. A journal, companion, diary - whatever term you choose to use - consists of a simple spiral notebook and a pen or pencil. There is no need to spend a lot of money.

So get started today – Write, Think, Learn, Grow!

Dr. Maxwell’s best-seller, Thinking for a Change: 11 Ways Highly Successful People Approach Life andWork is a great book to read on the subject of self reflection and planning for a successful future. The above link is a highly insightful audiobook. Dr. Maxwell speaks in depth about the importance of setting time aside to be alone with your own thoughts.

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