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Executive coaching training provides tremendous insight on the power of the choices we make and how those choices impact our future success.

Millions of people fail in life because they choose vocations not based on what they love, but what others suggest for them.

“The five conditions of failure”, said H. H. Vreeland, “may be roughly classified as: First, laziness, and particularly mental laziness; Second, lack of efficiency in work; Third, reliance on the saving grace of luck; Fourth, lack of courage, initiative and persistence; Fifth, the belief that the job determines a man’s standing, instead of the man determining the standing of the job.”

"Unsuccessful people lack the energy and enthusiasm necessary for each new day.

Executive leadership training experts remind us to look everywhere and ask any successful man or woman and they will tell you that it is more the personal qualities, not the circumstances, that impact the success or failure of a person.

Nothing else influences a career as much as a person’s disposition. He may be extremely capable, knowledgeable, and possess social distinction and money; but it is his disposition that will decide his place in the world.

Executive coaching training experts will challenge you by stating, "Show me a man who is, according to his own pronouncements, a victim of bad luck, and I will show you one who has some unfortunate, crooked twist of temperament that invites disaster. More than likely he carries a good amount of ill-temper, is conceited, boastful and lacks any real enthusiasm to better himself."

"Life’s highway is strewn with failures, just as the sea bed is strewn with wrecks."
- Marden

Goethe said that industry is nine-tenths of genius, and Franklin stated that diligence is the mother of good luck. In almost any history book in any language, successful men and women tell us that a strong work ethic is a pre-requisite to triumph in business and in life.

In every business district we see persons who started out with good educations and great promise, but who have gradually slipped into mediocrity. Their early ambition has oozed out of them, their great ideals gradually weakened and eventually dropped to a lower standard.

These people now lack the drive to press forward. Nothing can take the place of instinctively pushing forward. 'Push' means to work and endure whatever needs to be endured; that everlasting stick-to-it-tive-ness.

"Successful men and women make the decision to make their passion their life's work."

Whatever you decide to do in life, make certain it is the thing that draws you out the most.

Executive coaching training experts advise that a strong purpose will ensure that you will endure the obstacles and challenges that you will inevitably face. You will endure these things because they are between you and your life’s ambition, your passion, your purpose.

"Every mainspring of success is a potential mainspring of failure, when wound around the wrong way."
- Unknown


When you are doing the lower while the higher is possible.

When you are not a cleaner, finer, larger man on account of your life-work.

When you live only to eat, drink, have a good time, and accumulate money.

When you do not carry a higher wealth in your character than in your pocketbook.

When your highest brain cells have been crowded out of business by greed.

When the attainment of your ambition has blighted the aspirations and crushed the hopes of others.

When you plead that you never had time to cultivate your friendships, politeness or good manners.

When you have lost your way; your self-respect; your courage; your self-control; or any other quality of manhood.

When it has hardened you to the needs and sufferings of others, and made you a scorner of the poor and unfortunate.

When your absorption in your work has made you practically a stranger to your family.

When your greed for money has taken over as the chief importance in your life.

Executive Coaching Training Activities

  1. Describe your greatest success. Then describe your greatest failure. How can personal growth coaching help you going forward?

  2. Explain what you did in each to cause success and failure. How did you plan? Did you execute well? Was your heart in it? Did you have a lot of support in your endeavor? Were you well financed? Are you satisfied that you learned solid lesson from each experience? Do you experience more failures than success?

  3. Given what you know now from the above executive coaching training information, how might you respond differently the next time you are facing a potential failure? Explain what you need to do differently in order to gain better results in the future.

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"You decide what it is you want to accomplish and then you lay out your plans to get there, and then you just do it. It's pretty straightforward."

- Nancy Ditz

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