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Ten Steps to Leadership Development
Step Six: Get Over Yourself

Our free emotional intelligence test is an important part of the ten steps to leadership development.

A free emotional intelligence test is just the ticket to gaining constructive insight to understanding the way in which you react or respond to challenging situations.

”Anger and worry not only dwarf and depress,
but sometimes kill your ambitions.”

- Horace Fletcher

To REACT is to blindly indulge oneself to gain some sense of significance. An emotional reaction is actually a very thoughtless act.

To RESPOND, however, is to act only after careful consideration of your particular circumstance. A thoughtful response gains credibility with all persons that you are in contact with.

A helpful analogy for contrasting a reaction versus a response is that of a sick patient who has just received a medicine prescription from his doctor.

It’s ideal when a patient responds positively to the medicine. Responding to the medicine is the best outcome, correct?

On the other hand, it would be troubling to learn that the patient experienced a bad reaction to the medicine prescribed.

Moral to the story: To react is a negative outcome. To respond would be the best possible outcome.

A free emotional intelligence test will assist you to positively respond to situations, and hopefully avoid reacting – or even over-reacting.

Mastering your emotions is critical to your future success. You will know you are emotionally intelligent only after you have effectively faced some adversity with a thoughtful and effective response.

What you accomplish in spite of a challenging situation is the true measure of your future success.

“The best cure for indolence and suffrage is work”
- Orison Swett Marden

Keeping the body and mind busy and active will aid anyone who is facing adversity. To dwell on the negative, to allow yourself to indulge in emotions of anger, irritation, jealousy, depression, hurt feelings or even thoughts of worry – only eats away at your heart and mind and can ultimately harm you physically.

Today give yourself the gift of peace of mind. Complete this free emotional intelligence test from our friends at


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