Leadership Activities For Kids: Part 2 of 2

Leadership Best Practices For Kids

Leadership activities for kids is a great way for parents to teach key leadership lessons. As with most things in life, experience is the greatest teacher when it comes to leadership.

Most kids learn what to do and how to behave simply by watching others - sometimes this works well, but many times it does not serve them well

Concerned parents understand that not all of what’s done or observed is the proper lesson for their children to learn.

So it’s important to teach kids leadership skills and practices based on the best of what they have already done or seen.

Leadership activities for kids provide clear examples that role model and reinforce good behavior and teach effective leadership skills.

One of our favorite leadership activities for kids is the 'Best-of-the-Best' exercise.

Take about ten minutes to talk with your child about a personal best experience – something they worked very hard to achieve and ultimately succeeded. Or, you can ask her to identify a personal best someone else achieved.

  1. Remember a time when you did your best. Write a very brief description of the situation, and your personal experience. State clearly what was ultimately accomplished.

  2. Think about your best-of-the-best experience in more detail. Use the space provided below to break down the top seven things you did as a leader. (Hint: refer back to the top 7 leadership skills you read about in Part 1 for guidance.)
  3. 1.

  4. What words best describe the experience? (I.e., productive, positive, effective, smart, driven, determined, persistent, collaborated, teamwork, great communication, etc.)

  5. Personalize the experience in your child’s own words. What does he/she believe the major leadership lessons are that can be shared from this experience? Help the child to effectively tell their story in order to impart ownership of the experience upon the child.

  6. The final step to most leadership activities for kids should be to help them understand that these great outcomes can be replicated by simply adopting their best-of-the-best key attributes as a way to live their life. Discuss the need for kids to practice leadership skills in order to make those skills leadership habits. Repetition – is truly the mother of skill. Do the right things over and over – with passion and on purpose.
  7. Leadership activities for kids are available to parents every day in multiple ways. Parents simply need to be looking for the countless opportunities to mentor their child.

    ”When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

    Parents, the above quote is meant to remind you that in order for you to effectively mentor your child in leadership development, you too must proactively study and practice the art of leadership in your own daily life.

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