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Welcome to our free business plan example course; a complete business planning toolkit for new or existing business owners wanting to run a more efficient and productive business.

"The major reason for success in business and in life is solid planning.”

A good business plan writer or business plan consultant will know that the business plan must always be a living document, a work in progress. Successful, long running, well-established businesses operate under a clearly understood business plan.

No different that any successful salesperson, management must have a firm grasp of their product or service, the state of their marketplace and the direction of the industry.

As a leader and business owner, you must become that successful salesperson who knows everything about your business. In doing so, you will increase your chances for success and substantially limit your risk.

"A true business plan is a living document, a guide that you can use to power your business."

Becoming an expert in anything isn't easy. It takes hard work and determination to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to create and maintain a successful business. Managing to a well prepared business plan also takes focus and determination.

In addition to our quality free business plan example ideas and tools, this free course will walk you step-by-step through the process of building a rock-solid business plan.

Section by section, you will learn what's most important in order to start and/or improve your business. As you begin the business planning process, understand that it truly is an ongoing process; one that should be never-ending in order to stay ahead of ever-changing customer needs and increasing competitive challenges.

As you read each section, you will notice that in addition to covering the various sections, we've thrown in some important historic insights for your business success. These key life and business lessons have been shared down through the ages, from employer to employee, mentor to apprentice, father to son and mother to daughter.

Pay special attention to the words of wisdom that are shared in the following "Words of Wisdom" section. A successful business is about more than just making money. An organization also has a great responsibility to serve and support the community that has blessed the business through its patronage.

Words of Wisdom on Business Planning

For the person just beginning a new business venture, heed this warning - there will be innumerable problems that you will encounter and you will need persistence and determination in order to overcome these hurdles.

Free Business Plan Example

Not only must you study the craft of business, you must make the commitment to learn from those businessmen and women who over the years have graciously shared what they have learned from making their own mistakes.

Stand on the shoulders of these giants of industry who have gone before you; study their mistakes and work hard in order to avoid making the same errors they made.

Remember that the greatest investment a business owner or team leader can make is in him or herself; and in those who he or she leads. If you suffer from a hunger for personal growth and self-development, then you ought to consider leading others along the same journey as part of your new business development journey.

There are many reasons that people fail in business, these errors include but are certainly not limited to:

  • lack of education, knowledge or skill
  • lack of effort or work ethic
  • lack of passion or ambition
  • lack of get-to-it-tive-ness and/or stick-to-it-tive-ness
  • lack of grit, determination and persistence
  • lack of tact or diplomacy
  • lack of being able to say "No!"
  • lack of a willingness to give back to the community it serves.

Master each of the above, and utilize the many free business plan example ideas to their utmost, and your chances for success are greatly improved

Business Planning Toolkit Sections

Ready to check out our free Business Planning Toolkit, complete with free business plan example advice? Okay, let's get started.

Although we have created an individual page for each Business Planning Toolkit section (sections listed below), you only need to download the free ebook once - ALL sections have been compiled into a single pdf ebook file for quick and easy download.

Here is a quick list of each section of the Business Planning Toolkit that you will receive when you download the free ebook:

» PART I - The Executive Summary
Laying out the business format plan. This is most important section of your business plan. This section provides a summary of where the company is currently and where it is going.

» Mission Statement Tools
A clear mission statement definition is provided using this unique tool to create your mission statement. The tool is free, and it works!

» Mission Statement Examples
Example of mission statement ideas to consider. Highly effective mission statements have clear goals and specific timelines in our free business plan example tool.

» PART II - The Company Description
The free business plan example details the focus of the organization and how all the moving pieces of the company all fit together.

» Market Analysis
Business development plan software may or may not be your answer. Every great business plan clearly understands the market in which business in being conducted.

» Competitive Analysis
Included in the business plan software review, are complete instructions to prepare a professional competitive analysis.

» PART III - The Operations Structure
In this business example free plan, the structure of operations is another key area that is essential to a complete business plan.

» Organizational Structure
Every free business plan example resource should be leveraged for the success of the business. The structure of the organization should point out how this is accomplished.

» Management Qualifications
A key part of your business lesson plan is to surround yourself with others who are superbly qualified to carry out the necessary tasks for achieving success.

» PART IV - The Marketing Strategy
The business action plan will clearly define the marketing strategy of the organization. Tell your own story rather than allowing others to tell it for you.

» Sales Management
Business plan start up experts speak clearly about the necessity of leadership through proven sales management practices.

» Business Resources
The makeup of the free business plan example must include all internal and external business resources that are available and who adds value to the organization.

» PART V - The Service or Product Offer
In each small business plan sample provided, it is clear as to what the actual product or service being offered can do; how it adds value and what the best use of the product or service is.

» PART VI - The Key Risks & Obstacles
A sample start up business plan is very helpful in identifying key risks and obstacles that will need to be faced by management. Planning for challenges ahead of time will reduce stress and anxiety later on.

» PART VII - The Use Of Time Targets
In your free business plan example, time management is critical to your success. This section helps you plan using realistic time targets as your guide.

» PART VIII - The Funding Request
A business education lesson plan is never complete without understanding how to clearly present the request for funding.

» PART IX - The Financials
More than one free business plan template is provided to assist business planners with the all-important financials.

» Balance Sheet Review
Receive a free balance sheet example template, along with multiple examples of business plans complete with balance statements.

» Income Statement Review
Receive a free income statement sample template, along with multiple examples of business plans complete with income statements.

» Cash Flow Statement Review
Receive a free sample cash flow statement template, along with multiple examples of business plans complete with cash flow statements.

» PART X - The Appendix
Using the free business plan example template, you will learn to provide all supporting documentation in the appendix of the business plan.

» CONCLUSION - Never-To-End Business Planning
Why consider business plan review software? Business owners should never stop planning for their business. Today, technology has advanced so that business owner's can continue to plan effectively with minimal effort.

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"People and organizations with clear visions, values, and plans tend to accomplish far more and do it faster than their competitors."

- Brian Tracy

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